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“No man can rest in peace until he has done everything in his capacity to better the lives of those around him. He owes it to himself to give back manifold everything that life has given him.”

At CD Consulting we diligently work towards fostering relationships between people, companies, organizations and nations with the objective of generating partnerships, friendships and working relationships that jointly contribute to improving opportunities, trade, investment and the quality of life of those touched by these projects.

Our strategies include:
Forging partnerships based on common interests and priorities
Developing and expanding trade between countries
Promoting training and knowledge transfer leading to the empowerment of communities
Being a catalyst and a facilitator in the promotion of large strategic projects

Services That Bring Success and Knowhow to your Organization

Business Consulting

Breaking into new markets can be difficult. These difficulties are compounded if these markets are on a different continent and require knowledge of a new language. It is often difficult to obtain reliable information and statistics that can be used as a base for developing a working plan, and in many instances finding complimentary business partners is not easy. We often underestimate the importance of our network of friends and business associates built over years of interaction leading to trust and confidence.

Whether you’re gauging market potential, collecting general information, appraising competitor activity or evaluating possibilities for growth or getting ready to launch your activity, we can help.

Business Development
Development of New Markets
Facilitating Partnerships and Joint ventures

Business Planning and Support
Business Plans
Sales and Marketing Plans
Accounting and Finance
Law and Tax

Project Consulting

We understand the complexities of undertaking a new project. Developing a concept, clearly defining its scope, putting together the right team, mobilizing resources and making it happen. We’ll work with you, looking beyond the necessary and helping you structure for excellence.

Conceptual and Defining
Project Visualization
Pro-project Planning
Project Definition

Project Management
Project Planning
Project Implementation
Project Monitoring and Control

Project Finance

Our funding partners have years of experience in structuring solutions for the most diverse applications that include: structural infrastructures such as power stations, dams, airports, harbours, power lines, roads, bridges, railway lines and other projects of great impact; social projects such as housing, schools and hospitals; commercial and industrial ventures such as mines, refineries, refractories, extraction, manufacturing, office blocks and shopping malls; empowerment projects such as cooperatives for the most diverse areas of activity. We’re available to help structure your projects from the very start and to help you walk them through their different phases.

Project Finance
Feasibility Studies
Project Structuring
Project Budgeting
Business Models

Event Organizing

Launching a new product, presenting to potential customers, staging an exhibition, organizing a commercial visit for business people, taking your highest performing sales staff on an adventure to Africa – let us take care of your planning and preparation. Business or Pleasure; Teambuilding or Training - we’ll help you select venues; arrange staffing, flights, vehicles, speakers, entertainers and any special staging requirements. We’ll ensure you have all your accessories and support material on time. If you’re exhibiting locally for the first time and you’re worried about how you will ever get and exhibition stand built and delivered on time, decorated and equipped – allow us to coordinate your requirements and ensure a successful event.

Event Planning
Site/Venue Selection
Vendor Negotiations
Promotional Materials

Event Management
Travel Arrangements
Event Registration
On-site Event Management
Staging & Production
Photography & Video

Event Support
Printing & Mailing
Press Releases
Agenda & Meeting Materials
Equipment & Supply Rentals
Entertainment Booking
Security & VIP Handling
Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts
Hotel Contract Negotiation
Themed Events
Décor & Props
Food & Beverage Planning
Communications Event Evaluation & Return on Investment Analysis


Building up teams that are ready to take on a new project requires preparation for this new challenge. Team members need to be informed, trained, mobilized and motivated. Our training efforts concentrate on the essentials. Our training solutions include training tools and systems that can be easily deployed and put to work for your organization and your project.

Management Training
Skills Training

Professional Staff

We help you build your team in accordance with your project requirements. Our focus is on supplying the right people for the tasks at hand. Most of our placements are short to mid-term contract placements and envisage working towards developing local competencies through the transfer of know-how and on job training.

Project Management
Business Development

Project Specific
Project Implementation Teams
IT Solution Developments
Call Centers, Costomer Care & After Sales Service Structures

Telecommunication Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
IT Engineering

A Experienced Team is the Key to Success

The Team


Carlos Dias
Portugal / South Africa / Angola / Mozambique



Paulo Lopes
Dennis Feldman
Sub-Saharan Africa
Nicole Dias
Portugal / South Africa
João Beja
Portugal / China / Libya / Angola

Current Focus

Education Plataforms
Asset Tracking
Broadcast Infrastructures

Trade Partnerships

Infrastructure and Construction
Road and Bridge Construction
Railway Lines
Social Housing

Project Funding

Energy Generation and Distribution

Strong Partners Makes Strong Businesses


Our Partners include a diverse set of disciplines designed and strategically selected to ensure we are able to help you transform your ideas into action and your action into successful projects.

Information & Communication Technology
Eletronic Security
Sound, Video and Broadcast

Financial Consultants
Law/Tax Accounting & Finance

Business Planning
Sales & Marketing Planning
Business Management

Field Consultants
Field Researchers
Project Managers
Engeniering Consultants

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